OTS - Open Traffic Simulation Web-based XML Schema parsing classes.

The ots-xsd project provides classes to parse XML files. Parsing uses auto-generated JAXB classes. Bindings and adapters are available to provide seamless mappings between the generated Java classes and the classes in the other OTS projects. The project has been built in such a way, however, that the ots-xsd project is not dependent on other ots projects. Intermediate classes are used when necessary. The main components are:

  • xsd definitions for ots.
  • bindings.xsd making the link between the tags and the adapter classes.
  • Generated classes using the JAXB protocol.
  • Binding adapter classes to do transformations.

OpenTrafficSim has an open source BSD 3-clause license.

  • Third party components used in OpenTrafficSim can not have a license that is more restrictive than BSD, Apache, MIT, LGPL, Eclipse.
  • OpenTrafficSim can be incorporated in part or in full in other products for any use (educational, commercial, whatever).
  • OpenTrafficSim may be extended, evolved by anyone into anything else for any purpose.