Strategical planner

Each GTU has a strategical planner which makes strategical decisions. It defines no method to perform a model, but is a provider of information mainly for the tactical planner, including information such as the route, origin, destination, and what link to travel to next at a split. The strategical planner also provides the tactical planner to the simulation. When information is requested from a strategical planner, the strategical planner may do so in different ways with varying complexity. For instance the route and tactical planner may be fixed instances, or the route can be recalculated with some interval while the tactical planner may depend on circumstances such as freeway driving vs. urban driving.

A standard implementation is LaneBasedStrategicalRoutePlanner which has a fixed tactical planner, while the route is fixed or determined once with a provided RouteSupplier. The route supplier may for instance be based on a shortest-path calculation. More complex routing models, either in an implementation of LaneBasedStrategicalPlanner or RouteSupplier, can use the weighted shortest-path utilities of OTSNetwork as mentioned in section Routes and shortest routes.