About the OpenTrafficSim project

Objectives of Open Traffic Simulator

OpenTraffic Simulator (OTSim) is an Open Source Software initiative to support research and development of multi scale and multi modal traffic models. We provide a software environment that offers free to use knowledge and utilities, and can act as a starting point to create and develop new methods and models. Specific attention and efforts have been made to develop the software in such a way, that it clearly distinguishes between utilities on the one hand and traffic methods and algorithms on the other hand. The provided utilities such as a graphical network editor and import and export facilities enable an immediate start with the content.

Using Open Traffic software

The Open Source License philosophy guarantees a free use by anyone who would like participate into the further development of traffic modelling methods. Downloading the software and trying out some of the example projects will be a first step to become familiar with the concepts of the system. The embedded JavaDoc provides both detailed documentation on the software methods and variables, as well as documents that provide an overview of the software design and its functionality. Finally, the installation of the Java software (and software from embedded third party Open Source Software Projects) is described in a separate manual.

The JAVA software

The software is written in JAVA. A basic level of programming knowledge is required to understand and use the software. If not, a JAVA course is worth trying. Then, don't be afraid to jump in! Once you understand the concepts of the software and gain experience with JAVA, you can make a flying start with your research.