OpenTrafficSim documentation

OpenTrafficSim is continuously being developed for various research and project purposes. We currently have no formal documentation, as these applications are too dissimilar; documentation would quickly get outdated. However, as part of the development process we use the following tools.


Jira is an online tool for scrum development of software. Development of simulation software is too uncertain to follow the scrum rules strictly, but the tool serves as a central place for current tasks the developers work on, as well as discussions to decide on development choices. Our Jira site is the place where much of our recent and current development can be found.


Confluence is coupled to Jira, and contains a wiki-style list of background information on specific topics that usually follow from the scrum development. Our OpenTrafficSim confluence page for example contains quite some info on how path planning occurs in OpenTrafficSim.

Current technical docs

Programming standards in the OpenTrafficSim project aim towards self-documenting code. This means that comments in the code are automatically translated in to detailed documentation on each class and method of the OpenTrafficSim source code. This documentation for the most recent deployment can be found at To Java developers, the JavaDoc section will be familiar. Furthermore, automated documentation on bug warnings, test reports, etc. can be found. These are of interest to developers.

Models and papers

OpenTrafficSim is aimed at allowing any traffic model to be implemented. These models are currently implemented.


Car-following models IDM
Intelligent Driver Model
  IDM+ [paper]
Lane change models LMRS
Lane change Model with Relaxation and Synchronization
Urban Event-prediction model [paper]
Perception Delayed erroneous anticipation [paper]